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Street Xpressions Dance & Art Academy is a dance studio dedicated to teaching correct hip hop dance technique, history and terminology for beginning through advanced students of all ages. We do not believe in over inflated prices for a lot of show. We believe in teaching the basics of the art form to provide a solid foundation both mentally and physically. This foundation enables the student to understand and perform hip hop dance at any level. It allows the student to appreciate the true beauty of the art form.  This is our way of adding to the scene of art in Newark.  

The teaching staff at Street Xpressions Dance & Art Studio in Newark is comprised of vibrant and energetic teachers who are well trained in the field of hip hop dance. They understand what it takes to be a good dancer and make it a priority to pass that knowledge on to their students.  

Our students are our first priority. It is our goal that they receive a positive and excellent education in dance. 

Teachers with Experience



The teaching staff at Street Xpressions Dance & Art Academy is chosen with great care. All of our instructors have either a college degree in dance, have danced professionally or are currently performing with a professional dance ensemble. We do not allow inexperienced teachers to teach classes. We have regular staff meetings where we discuss curriculum and teaching methods. Teachers monitor and discuss students’ progress across each of the disciplines to make sure that each student is performing to the best of his or her ability. Our staff strives to give each student the individual attention and instruction he or she needs to reach their potential.  

Each of our teachers brings a unique perspective, personality and skill set to the classroom environment. Students benefit from these differing approaches and environments as they mirror the professional environment dancers will encounter throughout their dance career. Throughout the year, we offer Master Classes by local and international choreographers and instructors and encourage our students to take advantage of these classes. Please check out the bulletin boards in the studio for information about these opportunities.

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The studio is available to host your next event.  We can accommodate your birthday parties, baby showers, and even be a space for your team to practice.

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For inquiries about studio rental or upcoming event opportunities, please send us a message. 

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Street Xpressions Dance & Art Academy

812 Pencader Dr. Unit D , Newark, DE 19702

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